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Happy Easter Folks!   Say hello to Angel.  lovely beards Where are you from? I am from Ventura,California. lovely beards How long have you had a beard? I have had my beard for two years now.   What is the best thing about having a beard? The best thing about having my beard is I feel awesome, it's very masculine, I feel my beard is in power. lovelybeards How would you describe your beard? I would describe my beard army explanation point of who I am and my awesomeness, my beard is that point to set it all off and complete me. The feeling of it, the nurturing that comes with having a beard, ever since I grew my beard I have been teaching other men how to grow one, trim it, shape it, groom their beards, and mainly to love their beard. I guess you can call me the beard guru. lovely beards Has anything changed for you since growing a beard? A lot has changed since I've been growing out my beard, not just a lot of attention, but a lot of respect and power, it can be a sexual weapon also. I've gotten a lot of recognition and modeling gigs because of my beard, I gave my self a nickname 'BEARDGOTTI'. It has stuck with me for a while now and I love it. My personality has changed. I feel like a man with an epic beard that should have this gentlemen attitude about him. A beard isn't a phase or a trend. It's who you are, and your beard chose you. lovelybeards If you beard was an Easter Egg what type would it be? My beard would be the energizer bunts egg, because "it keeps going and going....."   Thank you to Angel for sharing his great beard with us.  Want to be on our site? We would love to hear from you.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards  

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