Growing a beard - Week 1

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Last week many people were not best pleased with one of our bearded folk. Stephen decided to shave off his beard and the uproar was fairly decent. However, Stephen is looking to grow his beard again and has kindly agreed to be on the site as a feature. shaving off your beard My skin has been better than I thought it would be. The day after shaving my beard off my skin was a little sore and sensitive, but other than that it has been fine. growing a beard I've moisturised with vaseline aloe vera moisturiser twice. Once straight after shaving, and again the next day when it was sore but other than that I've not really needed to use it. growing a beard I am glad I have not had any spots break out or any ingrown hairs either but I have been cleaning my face with sugar scrub to ensure my pores are clean and rinsing with cold water to close the pours.   This is the natural sugar scrub I made: 1/2 Cup brown sugar. 1/2 granulated sugar. 1/3 cup olive oil - you can use avocado, almond or coconut oil as well. 2 table spoons of honey. 1/4 tea spoons pure vanilla extract.   I also add a little aloe vera for added benefits for hair growth and skin. I don''t use this daily to prevent my skin from drying out of natural oils. growing a beard It is recommend to keep this sugar scrub in a tub with a lid. It will keep for up to two weeks. Shake it well before using if you decide to try it for yourself.   I will be back on next week with another update. Until then, I will keep growing! Stephen.  Thanks to Stephen for sharing this with us and we are already looking forward to the update next week! If you are reading this and want to grow and beard, or share you beard let us know.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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