Thinking of shaving your beard?

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Why on earth would you decide to do that?   Well, Stephen decided to and regrets it.  We decided to take the time to ask Stephen a few questions about shaving off his beard.  shaving off your beard How long did you have your beard for? I had facial hair for about a year. The last 5 months ago I became fully committed to growing a beard. What was the best thing about your beard? I loved having my beard squared, but was a big fan of my moustache. What made you decide to shave off your beard? I cut it off due to irrational thinking and wanting to make a change without thinking. I also tried to trim it myself, and make it look a bit neater. I should of gone to a barber and ask them to do it for me. lovelybeards How do you feel after shaving the beard off? I honestly feel sad for shaving it off. Gutted would be the word that sums it up. It does effect you mentally, physically and emotionally. shaving beard Will you grow a beard again? I will grow a new beard for sure, but it will take time for it to happen. lovelybeards   Thanks to Stephen for being brave enough to shave his beard shaving with us.  We hope he keeps us posted on his next beard.    Want to be on our site? We would love to hear from you.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards  

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