Beards and Dogs Special

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We noticed a recent movement, men with their best friend and their dog too.    So we decided to share some of the top beardy folk we have and their dogs.  This post will be updated as often as we can, and we hope to have plenty more on this soon!   Jillthrillsy sent us this photo of her favourite guys. jilsythrillsy     Jhsosep_calle with his beautiful German Shepard.   Charliederusett with his Spring Spaniel dog. It adds to his dapper look we feel. Jarryd with his stunning bull terrier. We love the colours of this dog!   CJ with his best pal. Dogs really are great and beards are on par!   Christian with his bulldog. If this dog could grow a beard we reckon it would be awesome, and smoke a pipe.   Thank you to all the beardy folk and their superb dogs for sharing their photos.  All their names link to their Instagram page and you should give them a follow! Please remember folks, a beard is for life and not for Christmas. Dogs too!    If you have a bearded photo of you and your four legged pal let us know and we would be happy to add you to this post.   You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards        

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