Beard Styles for 2015

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Already the year seems to be off to a flying start with Beards really growing on people...excuse the pun. We are taking a look at some of the styles we reckon will be seen on a face near you in the coming months. This piece will also give those thinking of growing a beard a few ideas too.   The fade on the side. Recently Ricardo ( was on our site. This look is very sought after. The close shave style or known as an undercut, along the side on the head and face makes the beard look fuller and adds style to it. Ideal for anyone who want more attention on their beard.   The Old Dutch.  edward2 Edward is a good example of the Old Dutch Styled beard. This beard is fuller and longer on the chin. Adding shape to the face and is a very popular style. Some people do not have a moustache in this style.   Short Boxed Beard. Andrew Andrew ( @andrewhart1981) has a great Short Boxed Beard. Normally kept to the same length all round with a little bit more length on the chin. A classic look that always looks well. Ideal for those who has faster growing facial hair.   The Full Beard.  André Beard lovelybeards This beard is fuller than a standard beard. Many men wish they could grow this style, and women will wish you had it. If we could recommend growing any style beard this year, this is the one.   What style beard do you think will be in this year? Let us know on our contact form here , on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards        

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