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We love many things, but our fans, beards and dogs are most of them.  What do you get when you mix all 3?   Say hello to Mandy! Where are you from? I am from L.A, California.   What do you like most about beards? What I love most about beards is not only how attractive they make a man but, how they make a man more masculine. It also gives them a bit more character. Not to add it is a nice feeling getting a little tickle when being kissed. If you could grow a beard what would it be like? If I could grow a beard I would consider myself very fortunate. It would be epic, and well groomed.  I will have to leave it up to all you Lovely Bearded men.   Would you rather go out with a man with a beard? I most definetly prefer dating a bearded man, tattoos would be an added plus. 'Love your man, Love his beard'. You have a great photo of you and your dog, what type is it and how long do you have him? My best friend in the picture of me and my whiskers is of my dog Marley. He is a corgi mix, and I have him since he was only a few weeks old. He is 2 now. Mandy has a warning to any men thinking of shaving off their beards, 'if you think of shaving it off, don't!'.   Are you a fan of beards and want to be on the site? Let us know! You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter   lovely beards  

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