Beardy Fan - Krysta

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We love hearing from fans of LovelyBeards so keep them coming!   Say hello to Krysta. Where are you from? I am from Pennsylvania.   What do you like most about beards? I like everything about a good beard. They are so attractive and make a man look like a real MAN!   Do you think men without a beard should grow one now? Every man should have a beard. (You heard her, get growing!) Would you still like beards in a years time if they were not as popular as they are now?  I will always love beards. Whether they are popular or not, what I find attractive in a man will never change. I have always loved them.   Thanks to Krysta for sharing her love of beards, and why.    Are you a fan of beards and want to be on the site? Let us know! You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter   lovely beards  

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