Beardy Fan - Sami

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We have the best support online, and one of the early fans of our site is Sami.    Give a warm bearded hello to Sami. sami  Where are you from? I am from America.   What do you like most about beards? I like how a beard can make a man look rugged and tough. Also the tickle from kissing is pretty nice too.   If you could have a beard, what would it be like?  If I had a beard it would be like Gimli's from the Hobbit. Yea I am a nerd. sami If there were two men in a bar, both good looking, and one with a beard and one without who would you go for? I would automatically be attracted to the bearded gent. I can't help it, I just go for beards. Sami Thanks to Sami for sharing why she likes beards, and for supporting us from day one.    Are you a fan of beards and want to be on the site? Let us know! You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter   lovely beards      

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