Beardy Fans - Mary

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Today marks the first in a new feature many people have asked for on the site, Beardy Fans.  This will be a chance for ladies to tell us about themselves, and a bit about why they like beards.    Our very first Beardy Fan is Mary! An aspiring tattoo model.   Where are you from?  I am from Washington State, America.   What do you like most about a man with a beard? I love a man with a beard, it looks so manly and I feel it is a total turn on.   Have you ever dated a man with a beard, and if so were there any differences due to his beard? I have never dated a man with a LovelyBeard to be completely honest. Only guys with just a bit of facial hair. I am very picky though! You yourself are big into tattoos and have a few, would you go for a man with tattoos? I love tattoos, so I would definitely go for a man with tattoos, ideally with more than 2.   If you could grow a beard, what type would it be? I would grow a really long one. I would keep it trimmed and looking just right.   You have a really big following on Instagram, do you think tattoos have anything to do with this? Yes I think so. Who doesn't like a woman with tattoos?   Thank you to Mary for been the very first LovelyBeards fan on the site.  Make sure to give Mary a follow on Instagram here   Are you a fan of beards and want to be on the site? Let us know! You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter   lovely beards          

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