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Whilst appreciating some epic beards on instagram, we came across Sam. With a following of over 7,000 people you will soon see why.  Say hello to Sam Coggin from England.    He has kindly sent us a photo of how his beard is growing now. The following image is of his mane. Fair to say his beard is a top one!     Sam Coggin Lovelybeards How would you describe your beard? The Beard of Wisdom If there are any advantages to having a beard like yours, what would they be?  Older people respect you and the mature women love you. Has anything changed for you since growing a beard?  Yes people's perspective. Also it has allowed me to become a proud bearded ambassador. Is there any disadvantages to growing a beard? None I can think of.. eating food can be a task though. You have a superb following online, do you think this is because of your beard? Defiantly! Before the beard I was a little boy with no purpose. Would there be anyone famous who inspires you to have a beard? Ricki Fucking Hall he's the man that started it for me! Just check him out and you will understand.   Sam Coggin LovelyBeards   Thank you Sam for taking time out to answer our questions. Make sure to follow Sam on Instagram and if you are reading this and fancy being on our site let us know.    LovelyBeards  

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