Best Santa Beards in Movies

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We feel Santa has always kept it real when it came to Beards.    However there have been so many over the years, and will be more in years to come.  But which santa actually had a good beard in films?   Here are a few favourites we came up with, and people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram suggested.    santa Santa Claus the Movie - 1985  This movie had two parts to it: The first part is all about how Santa Claus came to be. The second is about an orphan boy, a young girl, a creepy businessman, and an elf who wants to upstage Santa. The Santa Clause - 1994 Sadly we only copped the 'E' in Clause, despite years of watching this film as we came to write this post. This Santa actually starts out as an ordinary businessman, a divorced dad, who believes Santa is not real at all. However, when his son hears something on the roof,he manages to startles Santa Claus, who falls off the roof.  The film then goes on to tell how Tim Allen will step into Santa's boots due to a ClausE in the unspoken contract of Santa. Bad Santa 2003.  Yes we are well aware that this beard is completely fake, but it is a super film and that beard still looks great. Santa is actually a thief trying to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the mall's safe. Most likely one not to show younger children due to Santa wanting to empty his sack in the adult way....but very funny and still great 11 years on from when it first came out.   santa Miracle On 34th Street - 1994 A film about how people forgot about the real Santa. A man who is saved from a court of law thanks to a kind hearted little girl. If you haven't seen this film, you should! And appreciate that real beard!     santawho? Santa Who? - 2000 The plot centres on Santa Claus developing a case of amnesia  right before Christmas. Sadly sums the entire film up in one line.   Elf - 2003  elf A film we need to watch each year to get into the spirit of Christmas. An elf is mistakenly adopted as one of Santa's elf in the North Pole. He ends up in America, and cannot shake his elf like ways. Plus one of our favourite beards that santa has in all the movies.   Did we miss out on a Santa that had a good beard? Let us know here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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