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Many people grow beards for various reasons. This beardy has kept his with good reason.   What is your name? My names Andrew Scott Derby Jr.   Where are you from?  I am from St. Louis Missouri   How long have you had your beard for?  I started growing a beard when I was a freshman and thought it was the coolest thing. By the time I was a sophomore I was buying beer for all the seniors. At the time, having a beard was not really as fashionably relevant so I was mostly a loner when it came to facial hair as a form of style.   Would people ever comment on your beard? Most of the time people wouldn’t say anything about it. My friends and I were the punk rock kids so we chose to have a different style and follow different trends than all the rest of the kids, so everyone was used to us as far as fashion goes.   Ever get stick from people for having a beard? Every now and then you would get some good old boy who just didn’t understand so he would try to start shit. All those kinds of people are still those kinds of people today. They will never change, only live and die close minded.   Has anything good come from growing a beard?  I would have to say that since I donned a beard as a choice of style, the best thing that has ever happened was it helped me lure in my highly beautiful fiancé. I never thought facial hair would provide me with such a positive outcome but it certainly did. She means the world to me and she loves my beard, just like every good woman should. Now I get to spend my whole life with a babe like that! I’m so stoked about it. We are getting married next October and all my groomsmen have awesome facial hair as well.   Thank you to Drew his amazing answers and superb beard. We wish you and your fiancé all the best on your future marriage!   Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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