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It may be Wednesday, but even half way through the week we have some amazing Beardy folk. Taylor Today we are joined by Taylor Craig.  
Where are you from?
I am from a city just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Its call Oshawa.
How long have you had your beard?
My current beard has taken me about 4 months and my moustache has been 6.
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Are you a musician? 
I am not a musician, but im am an aspiring beard model haha. I am also a bit of an artist as well.
The beard adds to my image. Its a way of life.
Have you noticed any changes since growing a beard?
The thing that has changed the most is the attention from both genders. I am not a bad looking guy in my opinion but the beard helps.
Would you name your beard?
I dont think I would give my beard a name because she's more free than that. I just call her her. She knows what shes doing. Taylor
Thank you to Taylor for saying his beard with everyone. 
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