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We are joined today with Brandon James Sturgill.  Say hello to Brandon folks! brandon Where are you from?  I am originally from Spring Grove, Illinois but now currently reside in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Having a beard is definitely helpful living in this area seeing that sometimes during the winter it feels like the Arctic tundra. It serves as like a wool hat for your face.   Best thing about growing a beard?  In my opinion the best thing about growing a beard is feeling like I have a piece of art that is a symbol of manliness on my face and I treat it as such. brandon   Your beard is 2 months old, have you noticed any change since growing the beard in work or day to day situations?  Even though my beard I am growing right now is in its infancy since I did a serious trim two months ago I have always had a beard for the past year. So people around me are use to it by now in my day to day life. Although as it grows larger I do receive more and more compliments and looks because of it.   Worst thing that someone could say to a beardy? The worst thing that someone could say to a beardy is either a) "you don't look good with a beard" or b) "you have a thin beard”. I couldn't imagine being told I have a thin beard. It would be like a dagger straight to the heart. Thin facial hair is a beardies worst nightmare. brandon   Thank you Brandon for getting in touch with us over Facebook. Keep in touch!   Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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