Beardy - Andrés

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We love having Beardy folk on the website, and especially from all over the world. lovely beards  Andrés Today we have  Andrés from Bogota, Colombia.    You recently decided to grow a beard, why? I always wanted to grow a bard, and felt now was a good time. I love it already.   How have people reacted to it? Sadly some people hate it, but some like it. I love it though so it is going, Some ex-girlfriends even asked me to get rid of it. (We reckon this is why they are ex-girlfriends)   What so far is the best thing about having a beard? I like how it makes me look older. Plus ladies love the beard.   Welcome to the Beardy scene  Andrés. Don't listen to those who want you to shave.  Follow  Andrés on Instagram.    Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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