Beardy - Stephen

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Please give another bearded wave to a great Beardy Stephen.  Lovely Beards Stephen is from Wisconsin, America.    How long have you had your beard? I have it since February, 2014 Have you noticed any changes in your life thanks to the beard?  Yes, I always receive compliments on my beard on a daily basis. Ever have an awkward experience with your beard?  Sometimes things get caught in it, or it gets caught in my short or zipper on my jacket. It hurts but it teaches me lessons for next time. Have you named you mane?  I do not have a name for my Beard. Any beard you wish you could have?  If i could have a Beard from a famous person, it would be Ian McKellen from Lord of the Rings. A Gandolf beard would be excellent. Many thanks to Stephen for sharing his wonderful beard. We hope it becomes a Gandolf beard soon! Follow Stephen on instagram LovelyBeards

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