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We love hearing about Buzzers all over the globe.  12168_333771000480_312014155480_9772958_6302694_n Today we have Belladonna Salon & Spa who are based in Grand Rapids, MI and talking to us is JR Kotrch.    How long have you been a barber for? I have been a barber for 4 years now. front display How many beard folk would you see coming in each week? On average we would have 5 - 8 men coming in with beards per week.   What is the best thing about the cuts now with beards part of the look? Having a well kept beard just completes the classic look. Whether it is a dapper haircut inspired by the early and mid 1900’s or even the modern business man. A beard helps complete the accentuation of facial features in my opinion.  It’s all about the fine details. Many people feel that if you have a long beard, it’s not classy at all- on the contrary- having clean lines and shaping of the beard does absolute wonders in making you look like a well kept gentleman. lovelybeards LovelyBeardsLovely Beards If you have a rounder shape to your face, hard square lines can give you the illusion of stronger facial features.  If you have a very boxed in face shape, a beard tailored right can soften those features Thank you to J.R for chatting about his experience, make sure to check our the website, Facebook and of course their instagram LovelyBeards  

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