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Today we catch up with Rory Hazell from The Barber Shop - Murdock in London.  Rory Hazell, Murdock London Where is your Barber Shop based? Shoreditch,London. shoreditch london, lovelybeards Rory, how long have you been a barber for? I have been in the industry for nearly 5 years, training as a hairdresser at a top award wining london salon working on shoots and fashion week before moving across to mens grooming and traditional barbering 2 years ago, and I’m loving it! How many people are working in your barber shop?  There are 6 of us in the shop each coming from different training and creative backgrounds. Meaning each member is always learning. Who is the best at styling in the place?  Relating back to the previous, each team member has a different speciality. Gwens is amazing with her blade.  Aaron is great at styling,  and Josh’s shape and my scissor work is excellent… we all bring something different to the table and would be unfair to single out one person. That is the beauty of the industry there no one correct way to do something, we are always learning and improving. murdock london, lovelybeards     How have beards impacted the barber shop and industry? Beards are becoming a huge part of mens fashion. Unfortunately I can’t grow one, but the key aspect is that they can create a strong jaw line which can give a more refine finish to any gents style. Would you sell many beard products in the Barber Shop?  We sell a range of own brand products such as our GQ grooming award winning beard moisturiser. The beauty with developing our own products is client feedback matters any niggle or complaint is taken on board meaning the products are refined over and over until its perfect. we currently have a few beard oils in the final stages of development.   shoreditch, lovelybeards   Thank you to Rory for taking the time out to share his experience and enlighten us on the view from the other side of the razor.  Make sure to follow Rory on Instagram, and check out Murdock London's website.    LovelyBeards  

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