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We are here with a great Beardy!   Say hello to Jack Bartnikowski. Jack
Where are you from?
Born in Philadlphia PA, now living in South Jersey.
How long has it taken you to grow your beard?
There have been many beards on my face, but November 1st 2014 marked the first birthday of my current beard.
How would you describe your beard?
It's my wavy, golden gift from Odin Himself!
If there are any advantages to having a beard like yours, what would they be?
My face has never been warmer, so that gets convenient in the winter.
Has anything changed for you since growing your beard?
A lot more people have been approaching me and starting conversations. I guess it makes me look friendlier or something. haha
If you could have another persons beard, who's would it be any why?
Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles.  It's always nice to see a great beard on the field. Jack
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