Beardy - David

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David recently got in touch with us on our Facebook page (So can you by clicking here David Quinn Lovely Beards Say hello to David Quinn, from Glenamaddy,Galway, Ireland.    How long have you had a beard?
I have had a beard pretty much since I was 17 I grew it at its longest for 6 months as is photographed for the town with a thousand beards world record attempt in Ballymoe.
You have had a few styles, what was your favourite My favourite is an all over, full beard. David Quinn Lovely Beards
Best thing about having a beard? 
I'm a busy person and have no time for constant grooming.
Anyone ever say anything to you about your beard? Always get girls who want to touch it (his beard)  and people  ask what age am I.  Usually to their shock, I'm only 22. Most think 28 :) David Quinn Lovely Beards   Thanks David for sharing your experience of having a beard with us.  If you have a beard and want to be on our site let us know! LovelyBeards

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